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" Alongside Bastet and Khnum, Ra meets the request by the Romans for. Apep (also known as Apepi and by his Greek name Apophis) was the evil god of darkness in Egyptian mythology, which he is considered the main antagonist of, and he was the archenemy of the Egyptian solar god Ra. Ra was the king of the deities and the father of all creation. Ra is the Egyptian god of the Sun and the King of the Egyptian Gods who appears in "Hercules and the Romans. . The cult was centered in Thebes in Upper.

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Aker A god of the earth and the horizon 3 Amun A creator god, patron deity of the city of Thebes, and the preeminent deity in Egypt during the New Kingdom 4 Anhur A god of war and hunting 5 6 7 Anubis God of the dead. . Egyptian demons. He was the most powerful and most worshiped of all Egyptian gods. Every day, Ra would cross the sky in "solar boats. Ra is the Egyptian word for &39;sun&39;.

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